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Protecting Bubs: Whopping Cough Epidemic

As the current whooping cough epidemic continues, Health and Ageing Minister Nicola Roxon has reminded parents to protect their children with vaccinations, which can begin six weeks after birth.

“All parents should take advantage of the free vaccines provided by the Australian Government to protect young children from whooping cough,” Ms Roxon said.

“Babies can be protected with vaccinations at six to eight weeks after birth, then at four months, and then when they reach six months old.

“Vaccines worth about $86 million will be provided in 2010-2011––free of charge for infants, children and adolescents.

“Babies are not fully protected until their third dose of the vaccine, so it is important for those around new babies to be free of infection.

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Men’s Health

It is recommended that you service your car every six months.  There are many reasons why men need a regular service (at least once a year) to maintain their health as well.  Early diagnosis and prevention is key to good health. Here are some facts about men (Obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics)  :

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