Men’s Health

It is recommended that you service your car every six months.  There are many reasons why men need a regular service (at least once a year) to maintain their health as well.  Early diagnosis and prevention is key to good health.

Here are some facts about men (Obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics)  :

1. Men are less likely to seek health care than women

2. Men are less likely to admit to emotional stress

3. Men often work long hours and are unable to attend to their health when they need it

4. On average, men die 5 years earlier than women

5. Men are more likely to die from malignant cancers, heart disease, strokes, lung problems, accidents, suicide, diabetes, pneumonia, motor vehicle accidents and alcoholic liver disease

6. Men are more likely to smoke, eat foods high in fat, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and use illicit drugs

Is your annual service due?

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