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Protecting Bubs: Whopping Cough Epidemic

As the current whooping cough epidemic continues, Health and Ageing Minister Nicola Roxon has reminded parents to protect their children with vaccinations, which can begin six weeks after birth.

“All parents should take advantage of the free vaccines provided by the Australian Government to protect young children from whooping cough,” Ms Roxon said.

“Babies can be protected with vaccinations at six to eight weeks after birth, then at four months, and then when they reach six months old.

“Vaccines worth about $86 million will be provided in 2010-2011––free of charge for infants, children and adolescents.

“Babies are not fully protected until their third dose of the vaccine, so it is important for those around new babies to be free of infection.

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Breast Feeding Your Baby

Whether you are a new mum or not, most mothers will need to make a choice to whether or not breastfeed their baby. Your decision may be well affected by your own childhood experiences, how you feel about your body and the quality of your relationships with your family, friends and partner. You may also feel overwhelmed at the emotions you feel when you are pregnant or are beginning to feed your baby for the first time.

All the emotions are valid and normal. Taking time to acknowledge and sort out these feelings will help you and your baby to have a successful breast feeding partnership should you decide to breast feed. Just like everyday life, you will have your ups and downs. On some days you may very well feel like the baby has ‘taken over’ your life and that your life is no longer your own. It can be an extremely frustrating and overwhelming experience. Therefore, it is very important to have at least one person who can support you and be there for you when you decide to breast feed your child.

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Pap Smears

Pap smear was developed to detect any pre-cancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix. The Pap Smear test can detect changes in cells of the cervix at an early stage. These changes can potentially lead to cancer in later stages. Therefore, early detection allows early treatment prior the abnormal cells enters the cancerous stages.

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